NUCH Sperringgården's Constance  &  NUCH NV-94 NordV-94 Sperringgårdens Chavannes



Nuch NordW-98 Con Calores Magic Spring Charme  & Nord Ch Magic Charm's Lord Protector



NUCH Toraylac Total Eclipse  &   NUCH Annatika Victorian Lady



N,SUCH Magic Charm's Indian Rainbow  &  NUCH Magic Charm's Royal Review



NUCH Ricksbury Carlton    &      N,DK UCH Lymrey Allure



NUCH Magic Charm's Rainbows End  &  Int Nordic CH NV-01 UCH Magic Charm's Felicia



Nuch Ricksbury Royal Crusader & Nuch Ricksbury Royal Aristocrat



NUCH Magic Charm's  Melting Moments & NUCH Bonitos Companeros X-Ray


Some of the dogs are in partnership with Best Mate & Magic Charm